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You need to track your parcel or cargo Declaration number of Poczta Polska S.A - use our free service. In the search bar enter the number of your Declaration, if you do not, the sender should report it and get a full report about your shipment: date of shipment and date received, travel time, shipping cost and other important parameters.

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To track a registered letter

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When sending a registered letter it is assigned a unique tracking number, allowing you to track its further forwarding, as in inside the country and abroad.

Our website is a truly convenient service that allows you to quickly track down registered letter or parcel. Registration on the website is not needed.

Sending a letter in the post after payment valuable letters, find the RPO that consists of 14 digits. On the website of the Polska Poczhta room postage (ID) is called the track-number is the same.

How to control the forwarding of the registered letter, we will discuss in this article.

Tracking shipments

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The track number is used to track the shipment. Indicated in the receipt that you receive when sending a parcel, registered letter, registered parcel or registered cards.

Find out where the shipment may be a few seconds. Without registration and sms and checks. Just in the form above, enter your unique tracking number

Shipment national

Track your packages across the country or abroad even easier, we can track the orders sent via Polish Post on this page. Detailed instructions on how to track the goods or the goods in Poland.

Offer delivery services of mail and cargo in Poland and abroad. Rates. The quote, call the courier and track your order via the web interface. Contact numbers.

A wide range of transport possibilities, as well as a private branch network of the Polish Post allow the company to provide delivery of documents and cargo on a "door to door" in any locality of the country.

Courier tracking

Courier service, which is convenient and advantageous to use. Customers service is more than ten thousand enterprises of small, medium and large businesses operating in Poland and abroad. Each customer the company provides flexible approach to services and takes into account its interests in Express delivery. Favorable conditions for cooperation, affordable prices and a high level of service.


Tracking by name

Many people are interested in the question can I track a letter by name of the recipient, in principle it is possible, but this process will take more time and effort. The first thing to do in the absence of the identification code letters is to contact the experts of the postal company at the special phone and check with them about possible solutions to the problem. Of course, the most correct decision in this situation would be to contact the post office directly to the specialist post of the company. In order to guarantee to obtain data on the interest of the administration, it is better to have at least some documents regarding emails as well as documents confirming the identity.

In order to be able to quickly and easily track packages, it is necessary for the registration letters clarification on the so-called track-code. A tracking number is assigned to each, without exception, the administration, therefore, any sender has the right to obtain this number. In order to track your parcel, (this can make both sender and receiver) of the person sending the letter may convey to the recipient a tracking number, with which he will be able to track the shipment.