Courier services

Courier Services in Polshe from year to year becoming more popular. It is associated with a significant increase in economic activity of enterprises. In addition, significantly increased the number of sale—in the online shops. To make your goods, documents, or Christmas gifts were in the right place at the right time will require the services of the courier city home.

Usługi kurierskie w Polshe

Main objective to make the client happy. Poland Pochzta we always go towards You and seeks to fully satisfy Your needs and requirements. Our website is a direct proof that our courier service 48 hours are among the highest quality on the market. The company will be glad to provide you with all necessary information and answer all the questions. All this will contribute to a productive and long-term.—cooperation.

Courier home

Company Poland Poczhta offers r–different courier services of the highest quality. Range of services is wide enough, you can see even the most exacting clients.

The service charges are governed by this price list to be paid received"wką or credit card, with the exception of POS. 5, where the fees to be paid in such
same form as for sending registered mail. Credit card fees are applied to the area–wce box, excluding the area&mónica;wki agent e-mail.

To order a courier

Forma Zamów kuriera

Please be aware that the administrator of your personal information is Mail of Russia Joint-stock company with its headquarters in Warsaw, ul Family Spanish 8. Your data will be processed in order to implement the order of the courier and direct marketing of own products or services of the Polish post S. A. You Have the right to access the contents of their data and their correction.

Courier services include delivery to the addressee:

  • accounting;
  • business correspondence;
  • invitations;
  • magazines;
  • greeting cards;

Another important advantage is the vast experience of our professionals. This is due to the fact that we provide courier services for more than 100 years. Each of our courier is a professional that ensures the safety documentation, as well as a high level of reliability and confidentiality, which is one of the most important factors for any business. Every successful entrepreneur knows that time is one of the most expensive resources. This is known to our staff. Therefore, the Express delivery is clearly at a specified time, 48 hours, regardless of traffic jams or weather conditions.

Machine 24 – fee for service – delivery at the address and with an option of "admission" in the section"

opakowanie firmowe do 1 kg1) 34,00
do 5 kg 41,00
powyżej 5 kg do 10 kg 44,00
powyżej 10 kg do 20 kg 49,00
przesyłki kurierskie śledzenie

Phone Number for the courier

phone 801 333 444* for calls from phone-inpatient (fee for the LAN connection) or (+48) 43-842-06-00* for calls from the phone com-phone and from abroad (charge according to the price list of the operator).