Polish post priority

Despite the fact that the virtual cobwebs shrouded the whole world, and to communicate, to work, to shop, you can not leave the apartment, the mail still has not lost its relevance. To receive a paper letter with a stamp, a postcard, written in ink by hand and not printed in the chat or "soap", whatever you say, still enjoyable.

List polecony

Shipping letter"in Poland depend on the weight of the letter and rates - priority (fast shipping) or low priority (normal).
maximum size: the mail into envelopes 110x220 mm, 114x162 mm, 114х229 mm, 162х229 mm, 229х324 mm.
Weight: 2 kg.

If you want to know exactly, when the recipient received the documents, send a registered letter with notification. In this case, immediately after the letter will be delivered to the addressee, you will receive a message (special form) that the package arrived.

The contents

Documents, banknotes, securities. The maximum declared value 70 000 rubles.

Price list prioritet

Denial of payment by the sender or by the recipient for any fee leads to the fact that the freight belongs to sięjako niedoręczalną

 do 350 g  16,70  17,80
 ponad 350 g do 1 000 g  17,90  19,10
 ponad 1 000 g do 2 000 g  19,90   21,30

Opłata (w złotych) (Sledzenie priorytetu)