Sending the Polish Post price list

In most cases, people are communicating now via the Internet or phone, but it doesn't postal services companies less relevant and important. The fact that in addition to the banal exchanges of information, people often send each other documents or other papers. It would seem, what could be simpler than sending the letter, it was really a very simple procedure, but there are some nuances that need to know every person that sends a letter shruz or the package.

Paczki Poczta Polska cennik 2018
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Kalkulator usług zagranicznych

Kalkulator usług zagranicznych

With this calculator you can calculate the cost of sending letters, parcels or packages to loved ones from your hometown

Universal mail online value calculator, small packets, M bags, parcels and other international Poland on current rates.

International shipping services is divided into four subsections:


Przekaz pocztowy

Postal — post that involve sending money in the mail at the established rate (depending on the amount, etc.).

The amount sent simultaneously (in one day) several koi in one and the same sender to the same recipient may not exceed the equivalent of 15.000 EUR

Wyciąg z Cennika opłat za przekazy pocztowe i usługi finansowe płatnicze w Poczcie Polskiej S.A. w obrocie krajowym i zagranicznym
Przekaz pocztowy za granicę - opłata zasadnicza
1% od kwoty przekazu + 23,00 zł
Świadczenia dodatkowe
potwierdzenie wypłaty 3 zł
Nazwa kraju

Remittances remain one of the most common and affordable means of cash transfer

To make the transfer at a convenient time, including weekends, when the offices of "Poczhta Polish".

To implement the mail transfer documentation is required

The terms of postal orders from 1 to 5 days