Track direction

Letter foreign you can also send as certified mail so you will receive a confirmation of sending. We will take You on the object as a list priority. Importantly, each such shipment is accompanied by a number by which you can track its status on the territory of Poland using eMonitoringu and systems of some foreign operators.

  1. Correspondence, publications, documents, papers, books or small items is permitted for the carriage of mail.
  2. the
  3. in addition, in parcels letters nierejestrowanych you can install the following Pets:
  4. the
  5. bees, leeches and silkworms,
  6. śledzenie przesyłek poleconych zagranicznych
  7. the
  8. parasites and fighter harmful insects— designed to destroy these insects," and exchanged between officially recognized institutions
  9. the
  10. flies from the family wywilżnowatych (drosophilidae), intended for biomedical research exchanged between officially known organizations.

In the case of shipments of goods sent to the country–from outside the European Union, should complete the Declaration and nalepić customs CN 22 or attach a customs Declaration CN 23.

śledzenie przesyłki priorytetowej pismo

When I get my letter?


  • zone countries (Europe including Cyprus, whole Russia and Israel) until the third business day after the day of dispatch (D+3),
  • the
  • in the countries of zone B (America P–łnocna, Africa), C (South America, Central and Eastern), D (Australia and Oceania) to the fifth business day after the day of dispatch (D+5).

of the Goods distributed after 15.00  regarded  as arranged the following day.

Specified terms of delivery of goods is the alleged terms stated on the basis of the adopted standard shipping, kt&mónica;ry in the case of zones A, B, C, and D is 85%.