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What is certified mail? A registered letter is a letter handed to the addressee against receipt, in this case, the sender is given a receipt. It is of great importance, for example, in the course of the trial, as in this case, there is the fact of sending the letter.

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Kalkulator GLOBAL Expres

Kraje pozaeuropejskie

  • do 500g = Cena : 41,00 zł
  • do 1000g = Cena : 48,00 zł
  • do 1500g = Cena : 55,00 zł
  • do 2000g = Cena : 62,00 zł

Kraje europejskie (łącznie z Turcją)

  • do 500g = Cena : 36,00 zł
  • do 1000g = Cena : 43,00 zł
  • do 1500g = Cena : 50,00 zł
  • do 2000g = Cena : 57,00 zł


In all categories of shipments are not allowed to send mail: - items that by their nature or packaging may pose a risk for workers to contaminated or damage other shipments or equipment boxes or property of third parties; - narcotics, psychotropic substances or other illegal drugs, is prohibited in the country of destination; - documents having the character of correspondence, and personal current sent between persons other than sender and receiver people residing with them; - explosives, flammable, inflammatory, weapons or other dangerous goods; - disarmed explosive devices and military equipment, including disarmed grenades, shells and other similar items as well as replicas of such devices and items; - radioactive substances and substances that cause infection; - articles of obscene or immoral; - items of counterfeit and pirated copies; - items the importation or circulation is prohibited in the destination country.

Poczta Polska S. A. accepts parcels nierejestrowane items and shipping, advice for all countries and territories of the world, in addition to direction bags M, addressed to Canada and the United States of America (USA).

SDR (SDR – English, DTS – French language) – “Special Drawing Rights" - the monetary unit of the International Monetary Fund used in foreign trade e-mail. Rate of SDR to RUBLES (Golden olskiego) is determined by the National Bank of Poland and introduced into the exchange rate table–in the currency of the Bank.

Prohibited placement in packs boxes without declared value exchanged between the countries of receiving packages with a declared value: coins, banknotes–in, currency or any asset"pay to bearer, cheque"manual"are different, platinum, gold or silver, processed or not, precious stones, jewellery and other items–in the securities.