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If you need to send to the recipient important documents or securities, you can send him a certified letter. For this you need to come to the post office and say about your desire to the operator. Currently, registered letters, there are special envelopes in standard and big (for A4 documents) sizes. The cost of this shipment depends on the weight of the papers, so they are pre-weighed. The maximum weight registered letter – 100 g

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Registered mail online you can send any correspondence in paper form. Maybe You have it handwritten or printed. place including: correspondence private or state-owned.

In accordance with the provisions of the act of 11 March 2004. on the tax on goods and services (journal of laws from 2011. No. 177, item. 1054, as amended. edit.) common postal services provided by Polish post S. A., as operator obowiązanego to provide such services are exempt from tax on goods and services.

 do 350 g  2,60 Opłata (w złotych)
 ponad 350 g do 1 000 g  3,70 Opłata (w złotych)
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 ponad 1 000 g do 2 000 g  6,30 Opłata (w złotych)


  • Priority – the anticipated period of performance of services-on the next working day after dispatch (D+1), subject to the provision of up to 15:00;
  • Economy – proposed deadline is three working days after the day of dispatch (D+3);

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Worker of mail to stick to the letter of the brand, its value, and the sender's broad quince. This document should be retained at least until then, until you're sure the letter is delivered to rest. If you will have to prove that the documents were sent, Quincy very prints. This has a rid life.